Stefan Smart headshot

A stunning, dramatic retelling.

Joel Slater, Lead Pastor
7SF Church, San Francisco, CA

Powerful and engaging…held the audience in Bristol Cathedral stunned.

Canon Neville Boundy
Bristol Cathedral

Captivating, bringing the Gospel to life. Stefan Smart is clearly a master of his art.

Ian Hayter, Chairman
Lichfield Speakers’ Corner Trust

My church group ABSOLUTELY LOVED it!! Praise the Lord that He can use I AM MARK in this amazing way. I can’t wait to see the next session!

House Church member

Completely captivating…almost mesmerising!

Steve Broadway
Author and Illustrator

This was just the most beautiful piece I’ve ever seen. Truly, I felt like I was really there.

St Gregory the Great Catholic Church, Virginia Beach

A great story, and an equally great performance…expect great things!

Tim Jupp
Founder, ‘Big Church Day Out’, formerly of ‘Delirious?’

Respect! Stefan’s performance was very strong.

BBC Songs of Praise

Dynamic storytelling

Church of England Newspaper

My name is Stefan Smart, actor and storyteller. Years ago I had a big dream, a dream which is actually coming true…I imagined taking one of the greatest stories ever told, the Gospel of Mark, and performing it as it was originally intended – live and in one sitting.

I AM MARK is the resulting solo performance. I’ve already had the privilege to take it to Speakers’ Corners all over the UK, to a whole range of churches, cathedrals, conferences and schools here and abroad, as well as into prisons. I AM MARK has sold out to venues at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and now it is even available on global TV station CMAX.

All this seems rather surreal given that it’s just me performing with one chair as a prop. But, hugely positive reviews from all kinds of audiences bring home to me the hunger for this unique performance, which started as just a dream. 

It’s been amazing to talk to people who have seen I AM MARK. In these challenging times, it’s wonderful to be able to share timeless good news in a fresh new format. Indoors, outdoors, or on film, I AM MARK is a story for these times that can be performed anywhere.

My Vision

A few facts about me:

  • I worked as a Drama and English teacher for nearly 30 years. My favourite memory of these times is just holding whole classes in the palm of my hand as I narrated some wonderful short stories in all their depth and power.
  •  I first got involved in acting while at university, and decided this could be my career path when I saw the impact of those stories on my listeners.
  • My passion is to reach those outside the church with a timeless story that’s bound to change lives, and to bring a fresh telling of the Gospel to believers.
  • I am married to Susie and we have three grown up children.
  • I grew up in Watford, UK, and now live in Southampton, Hampshire.

I’d really love to connect with you about how we might bring I AM MARK to an audience near you. Whether you have in mind an intimate setting with a small group of friends or a large theatre or stadium with an audience of thousands, please do get in touch. The way this project has evolved means that my heart is to share I AM MARK with as many people – in as many places – as possible.