Support our Work

If you feel a nudge to support I AM MARK, that would be wonderful.

Praying & Encouraging

Stefan would really value your prayers and encouragement as he steps out in faith; for protection, provision, wisdom, ability and opportunities. Please email here to sign up for specific prayer news, or click below.


Friends, family, church leaders, colleagues, schools…Why not share the film with your personal contacts and suggest they consider booking a live performance?


Jesus makes it clear that following Him comes at a cost. If you feel a nudge to invest in Stefan’s calling to take I AM MARK to as many people in as many places as possible this year and beyond, it’s easy to make a donation below. 

Please don’t feel any pressure but know that every gift, small or large, will be greatly appreciated. While one-off donations are very welcome, regular donations will go a long way to helping Stefan with his planning.


How will my gift help?

£10-£50 Publicity, posters and flyers for a single event
£50-£100 Helps subsidise performances where the host can’t afford the full fee
£100-£1000 Could enable Stefan to take the gospel to some of the poorer nations on earth, for whom a performance of this kind would be especially needed and welcome.