On Film

Indoors, outdoors, and now on film!

Watch, rent or subscribe to CMAX TV to get exclusive access to the I AM MARK film from the comfort of your own home.

What is I AM MARK?

See an excerpt of I AM MARK:

If you enjoy catching movies on your phone, tablet or computer, this film is great to watch as part of your personal devotions. You can even buy a copy on DVD. In fact, this year the liturgical churches across the world are reading Mark’s Gospel together, so it would be an ideal accompaniment to this reading.

The film is great as an evangelistic tool as well. Why not invite your friends and neighbours to watch a great movie and simply have a discussion about it afterwards? Because it comes in four episodes, you can show the film on a weekly basis, and see how the Holy Spirit begins to work! Free downloadable conversation starters ideal for small groups are available with the film – request them here.

You can also use the film as the basis of an Alpha style  or Lent course in church. Showing it over four weeks you could encourage the congregation to invite their friends and neighbours to the event, and provide refreshments or a meal to accompany the discussion section.

The course can be conducted in person, in church or online, and has the option to include an introductory talk and live Q&A with the actor.