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 “Full Circle: From Lament to Praise and Back Again” Virtual Concert Event, The Kirby Laing Centre for Public Theology Cambridge

                                    7pm Saturday 15th May 2021

Romsey Arts Festival 

2pm Saturday 3rd July 2021

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Hugely relevant and powerful

Steve Lee
Miracle Street

Inspiring…a compelling, intense and emotive delivery that had everyone transfixed from start to finish. As something of an [Edinburgh] Fringe veteran, I can bear witness that this is not always a given.

Richard Purden
Scottish Catholic Observer

This performance of Mark’s Gospel awakens a new way of hearing and absorbing the words and stories of Jesus. To be honest I thought a one man show of scripture word for word would not capture my imagination, but I found myself really engaged and so inspired by Stefan’s acting that it felt like I was encountering the Gospel for the first time. It takes you deeper into the life of Jesus and is an excellent resource for long time believers as well as those who are on the fringe of faith.

Jenny Baker
National Leader CELEBRATE, UK Catholic Charismatic Renewal

I AM MARK makes the works and words of Jesus more real – a brilliant way to introduce him to your friends and neighbours.

Dr Richard Roberts
Gathering in the Holy Spirit (Rome), USA Charismatic Leaders Fellowship

I AM MARK shouldn’t be seen as a performance or even as a feat of memory to be marvelled at (all those words!), but as communication filled with love, compassion and power.

Gill Escott
Dance Instructor

Enthralling! Letting go of intellectual engagement, I got immersed in a dynamic, moment by moment encounter with the Living Jesus. It made all other public reading of Scripture dull and second-hand in comparison.

Canon Marion Syms
Portsmouth Cathedral

Using minimal props, I AM MARK brings Mark’s Gospel alive and releases the energy and vitality of his account of Jesus and his ministry. I hope online viewings go through the roof and open up the Gospel to a whole new audience. Congratulations!

The Right Reverend Dr Timothy Dakin
Bishop of Winchester, Church of England

A great story, and an equally great performance…expect great things!

Tim Jupp
Founder, ‘Big Church Day Out’, formerly of ‘Delirious?’

Engaging and intimate. It was thrilling to re-live the miracles and the authority of the Son of God.

David Hewitt
‘Wellsprings’ Community, part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018

What a brilliant idea this is

Gavin Calver
Evangelical Alliance

Not to be missed!

Billy Kennedy, President
Churches Together in England

My church group ABSOLUTELY LOVED it!! Praise the Lord that He can use I AM MARK in this amazing way. I can’t wait to see the next session!

House Church member

Visually, aurally and experientially, this film is absolutely stunning, impacting, entertaining and 100% accessible to a diversity of audiences. I RECOMMEND you watch this and pass the Word around!

Dr Chan Abraham
Leadership International, Daybreak Ministries & Revival NOW!

There was not a murmur in the room as the prisoners watched Stefan’s unique presentation. Several of them commented to me afterwards how they had been amazed by his performance, and that it had a real impact on them personally. ‘Totally different to anything I’ve ever experienced,’ said another. ‘When is he coming back?’ was the general cry!

Lesley Mason, Managing Chaplain
Her Majesty’s Prison Send

The first time I saw Stef perform at our local church I was completely captivated. I found this innovative, dramatic, presentation of the scriptures just as they are, totally compelling. Since then I have seen Stef on national television, in the local park and even in India share this brilliant drama. In every location the impact and effect has been stunning. You cannot imagine how powerful this is until you see it for yourself.

Peter Butt, Director
School of Ministries, New Community Church, Southampton

A wonderful and refreshing retelling of Mark’s gospel. A truly inspiring letter to the church beautifully portrayed by Stefan Smart. He doesn’t flinch from being challenging and direct. An ideal resource for our times. Highly recommended.

David Robinson
Artistic Director, Searchlight Theatre Co.

Sometimes it takes a living voice to make you hear the Bible for the first time -a voice that presents some saying or episode not as a stray fragment but as part of the rhythm and pace of a story that goes on gathering momentum. Mark’s gospel has just that kind of momentum, and this performance gives a memorably strong sense of it.

The Most Rt. Revd. Dr Rowan Williams
Formerly Archbishop of Canterbury, and author of ‘Meeting God in Mark’

Stefan’s performance of Mark’s Gospel is a throwback to the travelling evangelists of the early church. Men and women travelling from village to village telling the story of Jesus, the Messiah. This is how the good news should be preached.

Canon Billy Kennedy
Senior Leader, New Community Church, Pioneer International Leader

I found this to be quite inspirational and performed with such sensitivity… particularly the way Jesus’ speaking was depicted: with gentleness, gravitas and quiet authority – not an easy thing to achieve…

Mandy Abraham