An introduction to I AM MARK

PROUD of this introduction to our appearance at the Wildfires Festival 16:30 on Tuesday 28 May. It would be wonderful to see you there so you can hear it for yourself!

“Stefan has been touring with this production of I AM MARK for three years now. It’s a solo word for word dramatisation of Mark’s Gospel which Stefan’s performed in a huge variety of venues up and down the land including all eight Speakers’ Corners in the UK (including Hyde Park), as well as cathedrals, schools, churches, festivals and even a prison. This Summer he’s appearing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the second year running. This afternoon you’ll be hearing just one part of the story, the beginning of Jesus’ ministry and Mark’s account of the Passion.

Stefan has a vision to tell this, the Greatest Story Ever Told, to everyone, whether they happen to go to church or not. His hope is that by doing this he’ll enable the Holy Spirit to speak to people through particular lines, or gestures or events or characters, and stimulate a conversation between their souls and God. In order to facilitate this Stefan usually allows time for a short Q&A at the end of the performance, to which you are warmly invited.

Two final things: First, as it says in your programmes, please DON’T clap at the end – that is assuming you enjoyed the show! Instead, once the closing music has ended, allow for a couple of minutes’ silence, just to take in and reflect on what’s happened. Secondly, as it also says in your programmes, this version of the story is an attempt to recreate the way in which it was first told, as an dramatic eyewitness account of real events, underpinned by a startling theological and political message. So it would be great if you were able – just for the next short time – to imagine you’re living in the first century AD, and you’re about to hear the authoritative story of Jesus for the very first time. So without further ado, here is I AM MARK.”