Fringe Virgin

Aargh! Only one day to go now before tickets go on sale for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. I should be feeling elated. Instead I’m bricking it. It’s not that I’m worried they won’t sell. It’s just that there’s so much to DO before I feel even half ready for this the biggest performance of my life.

Like, where is the publicity right now? No poster. No media campaign. No help…yet. And then there’s all the things I need to watch and learn on YouTube from those good people from the Edinburgh Fringe Society. They know their stuff alright but the number of things I’ve got to get organised keeps piling up. And did I mention rehearsals? With only a few days to go before my next performance (at the Wildfires Festival on 28 May) I feel badly out of practice. I really do feel what I am – a complete Fringe newbie.

But before I finally lose it and burrow my way back into in my hobbit hole of despondency and doubt, I want to pay at least lip service to the MONUMENTAL support of my friends and the incredible generosity of God, who for some reason keeps insisting that he loves me, and he’s with me, and yes, it’s really his bag after all.